Pre-sale of the week: Jason Isbell And The 400 Unit – Reunions, out 15 May

Jason Isbell And The 400 Unit - Reunions

Former Drive-By Trucker Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit come together again for a new album, Reunions, their follow-up to 2017’s Grammy-winning The Nashville Sound. Isbell explains the album’s title thus: “There are a lot of ghosts on this album. Sometimes the songs are about the ghosts of people who aren’t around anymore, but they’re also about who I used to be, the ghost of myself. I found myself writing songs that I wanted to write 15 years ago, but in those days, I hadn’t written enough songs to know how to do it yet. Just now have I been able to pull it off to my own satisfaction. In that sense, it’s a reunion with the me I was back then.

Note: the LP is available on indies-only opaque creamsicle coloured vinyl.

We’re offering Reunions at special pre-sale prices, which won’t be available after release. Click here for more details and to order your copy.


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