Pre-sale of the week: Interpol – The Other Side Of Make-Believe, out 15 July

Interpol - The Other Side Of Make-Believe

Rather than be sent scrambling like so many other musicians on tour or promoting enhanced music, when lockdown clamped in March 2020, Interpol quickly got into a productive mood. Coming from a group whose early work was characterised by Polish knife-wielders and incarcerated serial killers, you might expect Interpol’s pandemic record to be an emotional tar pit – doubly so, given the presence of towering producer-engineer duo Flood and Moulder on the boards. But singer Paul Banks felt the call to push in a ‘counterbalancing’ direction, and The Other Side Of Make-Believe features paeans to mental resilience and the quiet power of going easy. “The nobility of the human spirit is to recover and rebound,” he says. “Yeah, I could focus on how fucked everything is, but I feel now is the time when being hopeful is necessary, and a still-believable emotion within what makes Interpol Interpol.

Note: The LP is initially available on red vinyl, exclusive to independent shops.

Click here for more details and to order your copy.


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