Pre-sale of the week: Father John Misty – Pure Comedy, out 7 April

Pre-sale of the week is Pure Comedy by Father John Misty, out on 7 April.

Father John Misty - Pure Comedy

Since 2012, Father John Misty, aka Josh Tillman, has emerged unexpectedly as a singular – if not undeniably idiosyncratic – voice. His lyrics routinely defy the presumed polarities of wit and empathy, his live performances may perhaps be described best as “intimately berserk”, and in interviews he seems to occupy an infuriating line between canny and total fraud. Father John Misty has cultivated a rare space for himself in the musical landscape – that of a real enigma.

Pure Comedy sees Tillman at the height of these powers: as a lyricist, and equally so a cultural observer. at times bordering on freakishly prescient. His bent critiques, bared humanity and gently warped classic songwriting are all here in equal measure and – at 75 minutes – there’s a veritable ton of it. The album navigates themes of progress, technology, fame, the environment, politics, ageing, social media, human nature, human connection and his own role in it all with his usual candour, and in terms as timely as they are timeless.

The CD version is housed in a digipak sleeve, in one of four different versions, and a 24-page lyric booklet.

The standard vinyl version contains 2 black-vinyl LPs housed in a gatefold sleeve, in one of four different versions, plus a fold-out lyric poster and a download code.

The deluxe vinyl version contains 2 coloured-vinyl LPs – one copper, one aluminium – housed in a die-cut sleeve in one of four alternative versions, a plastic O-card outer sleeve, a fold-out lyric poster, a special hologram tarot card and a download code.

We’re offering Pure Comedy at special pre-release prices, which won’t be available after release. Click here for more details and to order your copy.



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