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Pre-sale of the week is Love Is A Basic Need by Embrace, out on 9 March.

Special pre-sale offer: First Aid Kit – RuinsSpecial pre-sale offer: Embrace – Love Is A Basic NeedSpecial pre-sale offer: U2 – Songs Of ExperienceSpecial pre-sale offer: Calexico – The Thread That Keeps Us

December: U2 – Songs Of Experience  |  January: Calexico – The Thread That Keeps Us  |  First Aid Kit – Ruins  |  March: Embrace – Love Is A Basic Need



U2 – Songs Of Experience

Release date: 1 December

U2 - Songs Of Experience
  • U2 return with their hotly anticipated new studio album, Songs Of Experience. This release completes a stellar year for the Dublin band, following their return to stadiums with the critically acclaimed, sold-out The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 playing to 2.4 million fans in just 51 shows across Europe and North and South America, as well as the successful 30th anniversary re-issue of The Joshua Tree.
  • The new album – their 14th – is the companion piece to 2014’s Songs Of Innocence, the two titles drawing inspiration from English poet William Blake’s ‘Songs of Innocence and Experience’.
  • U2 – Songs Of Experience deluxe edition
  • The standard CD contains 13 tracks, the deluxe CD 17 tracks and the 2-LP vinyl 16 tracks.

Pre-sale offer CD £10.99 / Deluxe CD £13.99 / 2-LP £24.99



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Calexico – The Thread That Keeps Us

Release date: 26 January

Calexico - The Thread That Keeps Us
  • The Thread That Keeps Us, the ninth studio album from Calexico, is a timely snapshot of the Arizona-bred band: a family portrait capturing their stylistic variety and unpredictability while still finding solace in limitless creativity. In bringing the album to life, vocalist/guitarist Joey Burns and drummer John Convertino found a spiritual home in unusual surroundings – not in Arizona, but on the Northern California coast in a home-turned-studio called the Panoramic House. Built from debris and shipyard-salvaged timber, and dubbed ‘The Phantom Ship’ by the band, the grandiose house and its edge-of-the-world-like ambience soon made their way into the songs. The spectre of California also had a powerful effect: as both dream state and nightmare, its infinite duality is mirrored in the music, giving Calexico a new direction and new edge.
  • With less polish and more grit than ever before, The Thread That Keeps Us both honours enduring traditions and reveals Calexico’s confidence in song writing, ultimately setting a whole new standard for the band.

Pre-sale offer Deluxe limited 2-CD £17.99 / LP £21.99 / Deluxe limited 2-LP £24.99



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First Aid Kit – Ruins

Release date: 19 January

First Aid Kit - Ruins
  • Ruins is the new and eagerly awaited album from Swedish sister duo First Aid Kit. This new album finds the duo as you’ve never heard them before: wounded and biting back hard. While Ruins follows the traditions of the classic folk-rock sound that First Aid Kit revived via their breakthrough album Stay Gold (2014) and previous releases The Big Black And The Blue (2010) and The Lion’s Roar (2012), the difference is that this time they’ve lived, and the results are intense.
  • Track listing: Rebel Heart / It’s A Shame / Fireworks / Postcard / To Live A Life / My Wild Sweet Love / Distant Star / Ruins / Hem Of Her Dress / Nothing Has To Be True
  • Note: the LP is a red-vinyl version exclusive to record shops (not available online).

Pre-sale offer CD £10.99 / LP £19.99



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Embrace – Love Is A Basic Need

Release date: 9 March

Embrace - Love Is A Basic Need
  • 20 years into their recording career, Embrace make an epic and emphatic return to the fray with their seventh studio album, Love Is A Basic Need. Already being hailed as a return to ‘classic’ Embrace, the album was recorded in the first half of 2017 at the band’s own Magnetic North Studios with Richard McNamara on production duties.
  • Talking about the album, singer Danny McNamara said: “We set out to make an album where every song on it would stand up against the best songs we’ve ever written, and I’m pretty confident we’ve done just that.” On the genesis of the album’s title, he said: “Most people remember to eat, breathe and drink, but too many of us forget about love until it’s too late. Until your whole world implodes or you turn into a monster. The album is about the realisation that without food or water or shelter you die yeah, but the same is also true of love.

Pre-sale offer CD £11.99 / LP £21.99



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