Pre-sale of the week: Shame – Food For Worms, out 24 February

Shame - Food For Worms

If Songs Of Praise was fuelled by pint-sloshing teenage vitriol, then Drunk Tank Pink delved into a different kind of intensity. Wading into uncharted musical waters, emboldened by their wit and earned cynicism, Shame created something with the abandon of a band who had nothing to lose. Having forced their way through their second album’s identity crisis, they arrive, finally, at a place of hard-won maturity. Enter Food For Worms, which Steen declares to be “the Lamborghini of Shame records.”

Food For Worms marks a sonic departure from anything Shame have done before, abandoning their post-punk beginnings for more eclectic influences, drawing from the tense atmospherics of Merchandise, the sharp yet uncomplicated lyrics of Lou Reed and the more melodic works of ’90s German band Blumfeld.

Note: The LP is initially available as a limited edition on transparent purple vinyl, and the versions exclusive to independent shops are pressed on blue/yellow vinyl.

Click here for more details and to order your copy.


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