New releases for 3 March 2017

We have 6 recommended releases for 3 March to give you all. Iggy Pop has described Sleaford Mods as “undoubtedly, absolutely, definitely, the world’s greatest rock’n’roll band”, so give their latest, English Tapas, a try, it’s great! Ed Sheeran returns with ÷ (Divide), which may just find him in his finest form to date. It doesn’t take too long to realise that, while all the things that made Temples special the first time around remain intact, their new album, Volcano, is both beefier and more melodic with a balance I’ve seen described as “nice and queasy”! Nadia Reid returns with Preservation, another album full of witty, thoughtful and heartfelt lyricism blended with a songwriter’s ear for an engaging melody. Holly Macve’s much-anticipated debut album, Golden Eagle, is full of spellbinding country and western ballads and devastating emotional delivery, and is one of the most remarkably assured debuts of this or any other year, especially as she’s only 21!

Album of the week is Last Place, the return of Grandaddy after more than 10 years away. Jason Lyttle has delivered an album that is wry, poignant and always immensely listenable.

Grandaddy - Last PlaceSleaford Mods - English TapasEd Sheeran - ÷ (Divide)Temples - VolcanoNadia Reid - PreservationHolly Macve - Golden Eagle

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