Pre-sale of the week: Yard Act – Where’s My Utopia?, out 1 March

Yard Act - Where’s My Utopia?

Where’s My Utopia? is the follow-up to the critically-acclaimed Leeds band Yard Act’s debut record The Overload, which was shortlisted for the Mercury Prize after a slew of positive reviews, national radio playlistings and a placing at #2 in the Official Charts.

Frontman James Smith has said that lead single ‘Dream Job’ “feels like an apt introduction to the themes explored on Where’s My Utopia? – though not all encompassing. In part I was scrutinising and mocking myself for being a moaning ungrateful little brat, whilst also trying to address how the music industry is this rather uncontrollable beast that hurtles forward unthinkingly and every single person involved in it plays their part. Myself included, obviously. As with pretty much everything else going through my head last year, trying to find the right time to articulate the complexity of emotions I was feeling and the severity to which I was feeling them couldn’t be found – or accommodated, so instead I tried to capture it in a pop song that lasts less than three minutes once the fog had cleared a bit. It’s good and bad. I’m still glad that everything that happened to me happened.

Note: The LP is initially available on magenta vinyl, exclusive to physical record shops, and on indies-only yellow vinyl with an exclusive sticker sheet.

Click here for more details and to order your copy.


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