New releases for 7 October 2016

Once again we’ve worked hard to recommend 8 albums for 7 October from the avalanche of new releases at this time of the year. First up, Green Day return with their 12th studio album, Revolution Radio – expect more ludicrously catchy, angsty guitar pop from the American trio. Norah Jones releases Day Breaks, in which she returns to the jazz roots of her debut, and it’s lovely. Alter Bridge have, while gaining massive success, squared the heavy metal circle of crunching guitars and overall loudness whilst adding a surprising melodicism; their latest, The Last Hero, continues in that vein. Meshuggah are a different kettle of fish, delivering massively overpowering progressive metal in The Violent Sleep Of Reason, all steeped in their Nordic roots, Seasick Steve’s Keepin’ The Horse Between Me And The Ground is the sound of a man still going strong and having the time of his life. The enigmatic Goat’s 3rd album, Requiem, is as intriguing and original as their previous two, it’s beyond categorisation and a must-listen. Don’t Let The Kids Win is Julia Jacklin’s assured debut album, a fine mixture of observational wit and – for want of a better phrase – indie folk, which deserves a wide audience.

Release of the week is C Duncan’s follow-up to last years Mercury-nominated Architect, the achingly beautiful Midnight Sun – a more expansive and richer listening experience.

C Duncan - The Midnight SunGreen Day - Revolution RadioNorah Jones - DaybreaksAlter Bridge - The Last HeroMeshuggah - The Violent Sleep Of ReasonSeasick Steve - Keepin’ The Horse Between Me And The GroundGoat - RequiemJulia Jacklin - Don’t Let The Kids Win

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