New releases for 29 June 2018

This week’s super six starts with High As Hope, the long-awaited new album from Florence + The Machine and, although sprinkled with collaborators, it’s still at its core a very Florence album: confessional, poetic lyricism is very much the order of the day and this album will come to rank amongst her very finest. The Now Now finds the world’s most successful virtual act, Gorillaz, taking it back to the core creative crew: blue-haired, sweet-natured dreamer 2D on vocals; whip-smart Japanese badass Noodle on guitar; Brooklyn-born philosopher and the meat–behind-the-beat Russel Hobbs on drums, and bass duties taken up by erstwhile Gangreen Gang member Ace. Industrial metal legends Nine Inch Nails ‘complete’ the album they set out to make in 2016 with the third in a trilogy of EPs, Bad Witch – the most unexpected and challenging work Nine Inch Nails has ever created. If Trent Reznor were to retire now, I cannot envision a more perfect end-point to his career. Ray Davies’ journey through America continues in Our Country: Americana Act II, on which the Kinks frontman reflects on his experiences in America, personal reformation and, eventually, rediscovery and celebration of his own origins. Gravity aptly finds British hard rockers Bullet For My Valentine rewriting their own future – finding new ways to invent heavy noise and stretching their creative wings like never before, delicately balancing film-score electronica and icy synths in their trademark hellfire of hard rock.

Our album of the release is, of course, Equals, a fiery reminder that The Alarm are one of the most durable outfits around and, in Mike Peters, they have an ironman of a leader whose smouldering musical passion echoes his steely will for getting through a world that hasn’t always delivered the kindest of news. Mike Peters will be playing an intimate acoustic set on 6 July at 6.30pm to launch the album. This will be a busy one, but you can guarantee entry by pre-ordering the album. If you can’t make it but would like a signed copy, just let us know and we’ll organise it.

The Alarm - EqualsFlorence + The Machine - High As HopeGorillaz - The Now NowNine Inch Nails - Bad WitchRay Davies - Our Country: Americana Act IIBullet For My Valentine - Gravity

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