New releases for 17 February 2017

Releases for 17 February cover a wide range of genres, all hitting our spot! Firstly, pioneers Son Volt release an album influenced and inspired by the blues, so Notes Of Blue represents something of a departure for them, and a mighty fine departure it is too. Please Be Mine is a debut album of rare maturity and presence from Molly Burch, which contains 10 songs of great beauty about love, loss and reconnecting. Highway Queen is the dazzling third album from Nikki Lane, and is an emotional tour de force, mixing potent lyrics, blues guitar and a vintage 60s country-pop swagger. Frontier Ruckus blend an unbearable lushness of sound with lyrics of uncompromising darkness on their fifth album, Enter The Kingdom, and it’s right up our street! Under The Stars is the fourth album from singer-songwriter Amy Macdonald, who continues to find new things to say. Dreadzone emerged from the ashes of Big Audio Dynamite and have been fusing dub and electronica ever since, and they have produced Dread Music for uncomfortable and unsure times. The Long Road Home is Asking Alexandria singer Danny Worsnop’s vastly different debut solo set, full of raw, real emotion, with songs about personal tragedy, featuring foot-stomping hoe-downs, bluesy rock ’n’ roll and atmospheric ballads.

Album of the week is Prisoner, in which Ryan Adams mixes the heartfelt anguish of the singer-songwriter with the brashness of a garage rocker. He is one of the pre-eminent singer-songwriters working today and each of his many albums contains something to treasure. Prisoner is no different.

Ryan Adams - PrisonerSon Volt - Notes Of BlueMolly Burch - Please Be MineNikki Lane - Highway QueenFrontier Ruckus - Enter The KingdomAmy Macdonald - Under StarsDreadzone - Dread TimesDanny Worsnop - The Long Road Home

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