New releases for 11 March 2016

Leading off the new releases for 11 March is Pete Yorn, with some simply gorgeous songwriting, next up our in-store stars for 12 March at 1.30pm, Breabach, with their innovative and invigorating new album of modern folk, Astar. Emmy The Great’s third album is a beguiling mixture of old and new that will entrance you, Blancmange’s latest, Commuter 23, is full of the biting mordant wit that makes them such a joy, Lucius’s Good Grief is that most difficult of things to create, a simple, great pop album. Tanita Tikaram’s Closer to the People is ten songs with a soul/folk/pop feel. Finally we bring you some unreleased gems from the early years of Jeff Buckley. Album of the week is Palomino from Treetop Flyers, who show an experimental new approach.

Treetop Flyers - Palomino Pete Yorn - Arranging Time Breabach - Astar Emmy The Great - Second Love
Blancmange - Commuter 23 Lucius - Good Grief Tanita Tikaram - Closer To The People Jeff Buckley - You And I

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