Pre-sale of the week: Buck Meek – Haunted Mountain, out 25 August

Buck Meek - Haunted Mountain

Texas-bred singer/songwriter and Big Thief guitarist Buck Meek announces his new album, Haunted Mountain, which following his beloved 2021 album Two Saviors. The new album is about love and … something other. Something bigger than love, something that doesn’t challenge love exactly but stands in contrast to it. A soulfulness, or a soul-seeking fullness. Meek says that loves songs are the hardest write: “Not break-up songs, but an actual love song written in earnest? That is taboo now,” he says. “Sometimes it can feel like all the great love songs have already been written.

Note: The LP is initially available on limited-edition dark green vinyl.

Click here for more details and to order your copy.


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