Pre-sale of the week: Bill Ryder-Jones – Iechyd Da, out 12 January

Bill Ryder-Jones - Iechyd Da

Beautifully produced and rich in scope, Iechyd Da is Bill Ryder-Jones’ most ambitious record to date: at times joyous and grand, at others intimate and heartbreaking. The past few years spent producing other artists have provided that gentle nudge to expand into new territory, from kids’ choirs and tender strings to dramatically re-contextualised disco samples. “It’s been incredible making this,” he says. “Despite all the life stuff that’s happened, it has brought me immense happiness. I’ve always railed against it when people ask if making a record is cathartic but I’d have to admit that this one really was.

Note: The LP is initially available on powder blue vinyl, exclusive to independent shops.

Click here for more details and to order your copy.


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