Record Store Day Black Friday

Record Store Day Black Friday


Record Store Day ‘Black Friday’ is on 27 November. This is predominately an American event, but some of the stock does make its way to the UK. Click here for a list of the releases that will be available in the US. Let us know if there is anything particular you are after and we’ll see what we can do.




Record Store Day 2015

Record Store Day 2015



We had a magic day on Saturday. Many, many thanks to all those who came and supported the shop on Record Store Day. The good nature of the queue confirms my opinion that those who love music are just nicer people!

Queuing for Record Store Day 2015 at Hundred Records

How long was the queue? You decide...

Queuing for Record Store Day 2015 at Hundred Records

Everyone got a bag of goodies while waiting. The queue was amazingly good-natured

Record Store Day 2015 at Hundred Records

Happy hordes descended on the exclusive RSD releases

The Dreaming Spires entertain the crowds during Record Store Day 2015 at Hundred Records

The Dreaming Spires entertain the crowds



In addition to those amazing RSD exclusive records, we’ve got fabulous live music throughout the day. We’ll also be having a charity raffle, with all proceeds going to Romsey cancer support charity Jane Scarth House and Oxfam. The prizes include rare promo material, including a life-sized standup presenter for the recent Waterboys album (one of only 20 in the world!).

Waterboys full-sized album presenter


Record Store Day at Hundred Records

A note on the pricing for Record Store Day: we aim to offer the lowest prices and the best experience we can. We never mark our prices up for any event; our standard margin is applied to all stock at all times of the year.

  1. We will open our doors on the big day at 9am sharp. People are welcome to queue in an orderly fashion from approx a week before then. We might open slightly earlier than 9 if there’s a big queue.
  2. First come, first served. We really mean it! We adhere to RSD and ERA rulings, which state that we can’t reserve anything for anyone. What kind of event would Record Store Day be if people could reserve records? This isn’t downloading, and nothing beats the feeling of having that limited must-have that almost no one else has!
  3. One copy of each official RSD release per customer. You can buy as many records as want but please don’t try and purchase two or more of the same thing, as we will not sell them to you. This means more people get what they covet.
  4. We’ll be letting 10 or so people in to the store at a time. We will then let people in one at a time as people leave the shop. We give people a fair crack at purchasing what they have queued for. We don’t want to see any crushes/fist fights. This isn’t Black Friday, we are better than that!

Tips for the big day

The first customers on the big day have usually earned the right to buy whatever they want by queuing for quite some time. If there is something you really, really, really want, plan to get there really, really early.

When you’ve got all your must-haves, don’t forget to come back later in the day and check out the in-store performances. We have 3 great bands playing at 11.30, 12.15 and 4.00 (see below for more information).



Exclusive Rega RP1 turntables

Rega have produced a strictly limited special edition of their award-winning RP1 turntable for Record Store Day. Only 500 of these turntables are being produced, with some of them individually signed by artists!

They are available by pre-order only, so please contact us immediately if you want one. Email us to find out more. Who knows, you could be lucky!

Exclusive Rega RP1 turntables



Live performances

We’ve also got a great line-up of artists performing live in-store! The full line-up (so far) is:

11:30 am: Co-Pilgrim

12:15 pm: The Dreaming Spires

4 pm: Benjamin Folke Thomas

Exclusive releases




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